Ohio City Productions

Web Site Copy Writing

Putting words on paper is easy for some folks, not so much for others. You can trust us to string together more than a few words so your business looks good and visitors will understand your message.

We're extremely flexible in helping clients tell their story.

Your message needs to not only be flattering, tells a great story, but also encourages visitors act-- to do it now!

Besides stringing those words together in an interesting form, they also need to be strung together in such a way that search engines understand what is written and can categorize that page. This process is not so easy, but together we can assemble your pages so they make a cohesive database of words that make sense to people and to algorithms.

Hand writing

Don't sweat the details

The content of your web site is entirely up to you. We understand that writing is not always easy. We can help in that department. Not to brag, but several members of our team are highly skilled wordsmiths that can translate your ideas into easy to read and understand text, that follows search engine key-word density guides.

The easiest way for us to build your web site involves nothing more than you putting together a very, very, very basic outline of what you want your web site to cover. For example:

  1. Cover the basic details about the company

    • Say something about the company

    • Where does the company live

    • Who does the company serve

  2. What services / products does the company provide?

  3. What's the best way a prospect can get in touch with you?

  4. What are some frequently asked questions prospects / customers ask? What are the answers to those questions?

  5. Who is your competition? Do you provide anything different than they do?

That covers the basics. If you have multiple services / products, then a list of those and any specifics about those items that may be necessary to tell a better story.