Ohio City Productions

SEO Marketing

Each web site we build is created with a number of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. These tactics insure that search engines such as Google and Yahoo will find your new web site, and will know how to classify it with the area of the country you service. Each page is built around certain "key words" that are targeted for your particular business. These key words are linked with your geographic area which is a key factor for people searching for your services.

We do not use underhanded techniques that could get your web site banned from search engine databases. But we do use highly sophisticated techniques and linking strategies that will greatly enhance your opportunities of appearing in the top 10 of most search engines for geographic / keyword related searches. This does take time (usually in the 8 month range). NOTE: WE NEVER GUARANTEE SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT RANKINGS.

Most search engines will take 30 days just to recognize your web site even exists. They will then place your web pages in a holding pattern until their algorithms sort out and classify the content of your web pages. That typically can take anywhere from 2 - 3 months. Once they determine what your web site is about, it starts looking for incoming links to your web site to determine if the content of your web site is being recognized by other entities on the internet.

Search Engine
Submission / Linking

Once we complete your web site and it has gone through all the testing and review, you will sign off on it at the 30 day mark. At that point we begin to submit your web site to all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, DMOZ).

Want to make a bigger impact immediately?

AdWords can get your web site listed in the Sponsored Links column usually located on the right hand side of a search page. This immediate listing can be expensive, but may be the right answer if used at the right time. If you decide to use adwords, let us know and we'll create what is called a "landing page" which is where visitors would go when they click on your AdWord link. This page should be designed to generate an immediate lead. To accompany the landing page, you also should have a special form page that makes it possible through even the most basic web site statistics setup to track clicks and click through's so you can determine the ROI of your AdWord campaigns.

Of all your web site visitors, how many actually follow through and submit a form?

Every web site is unique, but historical studies have shown the following information about visitors in general:

  • 60% of those visiting your web site will actually visit the online form

  • 30% will actually begin to fill out the form

  • 3% will actually follow through and click the submit button.

In actual numbers, if you have an ad campaign that generates 100 clicks, on average only 3 will follow through completely to submit your form.

Want to improve that follow-thru rate? Make it as easy as possible for visitors to complete the process now, rather than hoping they do later.