Marketing Cards that SELL!

Whether you mail them or just hand them out, targeted marketing cards can be used successfully in adding new sales and generating additional revenue. The KEY caveat is "targeted!"

Because of their limited size, marketing cards must focus on one specific topic and present a special offer about that one topic. Trying to use a marketing card to tell your entire story will never work.





Size matters, but only to a certain degree. By their very nature, postcards will be seen by the recipient. Unlike a brochure or letter in an envelope, a post card doesn't require opening. Most homeowners can look at an envelope and tell if they're even going to bother opening it just by the way it looks and feels. We have been so bombarded over our life-times with direct mail, that we have developed almost a 6th sense as to what is inside. With a post card, you don't have to worry about the homeowner sensing what is inside, they see your message immediately, whether they choose to or not. How they react to seeing your message is the rest of the story.

Ordering Full-Color Glossy Marketing Cards

All of our marketing cards are full color both sides on 14 point card stock with your choice of Aqueous Gloss Coating, High-Gloss U.V. Coating, C1S (coating one side) or Matte Coating and a wide array of sizes.

Sides that will have additional handwriting or printing after delivery should not include any "gloss" coating on that side. Printing or writing will not adhere to the gloss coating.

Standard post cards refers to marketingcards that can go through the mail system without having to pay an overcharge because of their size. However, that does not mean that all of these cards will fit post card mailing rates. Some will require first class postage rates.

You might also consider these products not as post cards, but as stuffers or handouts. In particular the 3.5 x 8.5 product line makes an ideal envelope or invoice stuffer that you can use to impart important information or create additional sales opportunities because it creates a dramatic impression.

In situations where the card will never be mailed by itself, then we can treat the entire card as a sales vehicle without regard to postal regulations regarding clearances for addressing.


As part of our printing service, we have a setup fee for each print product. This covers a portion of the design process. Part of that process includes selecting just the right image for your printing that emphasizes your message. The reason we don't show a library of images is that most people (our apologies of you're a trained marketer) would get lost in selecting. We actually have over 10,000 images in our photo library. So the image is based on your geographic area, the message you are projecting, and the intended results. If you don't like the graphics, we will change the images based on your critique.

Setup fees and proofing

The setup fee includes the complete customized design of your printed piece, including copy, your logo and special message. Before going on press, you will receive a link by email to see a full-sized PDF proof of your printed piece to approve or make changes to before printing begins. Once you OK your order, it immediately goes to press and additional changes cannot be made.

Select the Right Size

We offer 2 groups of marketing card sizes: STANDARD SIZE and OVERSIZED. Oversized cards are not suitable for mailing, but can be used to handout. The standard size are suitable for mailing. You can use a marketing card as a doorhanger if you wish and just place the item inside a plastic bag with other marketing materials.

When ordering you need to let us know if the card will be written on after printing. The gloss surface does not allow for writing and we will need to specify a matt surface for the side(s) that require writing (i.e. addressing, written estimate).

Grayed image sizes are not suitable for mailing.

Post Card Sizes