Fixed Width

The colors used in this demo are used to help indicate the sections. All of the menu items, color bars, logo bar and image panel are 100% customizable to fit your needs. The menu appears in the left fixed width column in a desktop type browser. Mobile browsers in a recent survey showed that about 10% of web traffic is through a mobile device.

Additional Mobile Context Column 3

Web pages designed specifically for mobile-style browsers should have reduced content, with contact information easily displayed. We can't say that this happens 100 percent of the time, but someone paying for data access on their mobile device will not be casually browsing the web in search of a service company. Most visitors using a mobile device to view a web page are typically looking for either an easy way of contacting you over the telephone, or to find out where you're located so they can find you, or looking for an answer to a particular question (i.e. who won the 1968 Rose Bowl?).