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Local Map Optimization

Local Maps has become an important part of local search. Consumers looking for a local business or service are increasingly using the internet compared to just a few years ago when the Yellow Pages were still the main resource for finding a business.

All the major search engines have a section dedicated to Local Maps.

Local Map

Local business listings usually display on the first page of search results. Getting listed here is important. Having your business listed on the first page results is powerful because it can drive prospects directly to you. Having a listing in the local maps tells prospects your company is local.

There are several methods of getting your address listed. Logging into the search engine to create a local business is one method. This allows the business owner to fine tune the information presented. Even without creating a business account, search engines usually can pickup enough information to create the listing automatically. That means your web site needs to be optimized so the search engines can easily find this information.

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