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Hosting Services

Our program is created so that you can choose the level of your involvement. If you just need someone to create your web site and you'll handle everything else including managing your domain name, finding a suitable and reliable hosting service, and making all of the updates to your site yourself, you can do that. If you prefer to have someone else handle some or all of those responsibilities for you, we can.

Highlight of services available (choose the option that best fits your needs)

  • Web Site Design (custom, template, customized template based) [one time design charge]
  • Web Site Design & Hosting [one time design charge + annual hosting charge]
  • Web Site Design, Hosting & Domain Name Management [one design charge + annual hosting and domain name fee]
  • Uploading / installation of web design package on your hosting service [one time setup fee]
  • Blog Design [one time design charge]
  • Blog Design and Installation [one time design charge + one time setup fee]
  • Blog Design, Installation, and Hosting [one time design charge + one time setup fee + annual hosting fee]
  • Blog Maintenance [annual maintenance fee]

One of the major factors affecting the online reliability of a web site is the hosting. Web site hosting companies usually maintain a vast array of computers where the files that make up a web site are stored. These computers are then linked to the internet through a high-speed connection. These servers are then further refined into various price levels depending on the type of service offered.

Shared hosting means your web site files are on the same hard drive as a number of other web sites. This works perfectly fine as long as none of the web sites sharing the same server are extremely popular. For example, you wouldn't want to share your server with Google. On the other hand, being on the same server with 100 other small businesses that have perhaps 100 visitors each a day, wouldn't be a problem. There are a variety of types of shared hosting, but in general they all are some version of the shared concept.

Besides shared hosting, there is also dedicated hosting. That means all of your files are the only files on that particular server. This also means that you are responsible for setting up the security for the server.

There's no reason to jump through hoops to get your web site online. A website cannot exist without a web server. Owning a web server requires expertise most businesses don't have. Web hosting companies provide equipment and other technical resources. Web hosting is an online storage service for websites, images, video or any content accessible through the web on internet servers.

We provide our clients with a reliable cost efficient web hosting solution. Our hosting packages include generous amounts of disk storage, data transfer, FTP accounts, e-mailboxes, sub-domains and directory pointers. You'll get secure reliable web hosting service with 99.9% uptime, scripting and database functionality. Website traffic reports thru Analytics?.

Basic Hosting Package

Hosting only for static websites. Your site will be managed in a high-level shared hosting environment that gives the owner an internet presence using your own domain name, and email addresses. Online contact forms, estimate requests, etc. can also be incorporated into your site. Your site will also be submitted to all of the major search engines.

This option is ideal for clients that want to have a web site, but are not expecting to have large volumes of visitors on a daily basis. Includes up to 40GB storage space and 1,000 GB bandwidth (exceeding bandwidth may incur additional monthly charges)

Annual Basic Hosting Packages from

per year

Blog Hosting Package

This option allows you to host your blog or forum design on our servers. This package also includes email addresses as required. It also includes maintenance of the blog making certain that Wordpress updates are made and updating plug-ins as newer versions become available.

per year


Blog Maintenance Only Package

Includes making periodic updates required by Word Press to keep your blog-site in good-standing and secure. Each time during the year that a new version of the Wordpress code is released we will login and make the necessary updates for you.

per year