OHCPi History

Ohio City Productions, Inc. is located in Columbus, Ohio. The company name was derived from the fact that after Ohio became a state, a new state capital was required. The name of that new city was going to be Ohio City. Nice. However, thanks to some back room bar arm twisting and one particularly influential inn keeper who had an infinity for Christopher Columbus, the new capital city would forever become Columbus.

That little factoid relates the affection that our founder, John Merrill, has for history, not just Ohio history, but all of American history. He is a recognized expert on many facets of the Civil War and in particular the 3-day battle of Gettysburg that ultimately decided the outcome of that divisive period of our history.

Today Mr. Merrill has expanded his love of history back through America's founding, even to the establishment of the first European settlement at what became known as Jamestown and later Williamsburg. Long before those first Europeans landed in North America, the land was occupied by various groups that arose and fell. We are still learning about their cultures and widespread influence in what became known as the New World. The fact that it was "new" to Europeans, only exposed their ignorance: the Americas had cultures living here dating back to long before a single stone was ever set in the construction of Egypt's pyramids.

What all of this means is that Mr. Merrill has a long view of what we're doing today. Over the last few decades our technology has exploded in such a way that could never have been imagined just 50 years ago. At that time we were reveling in the fact that we could actually convince a human being to sit on top of an ICBM while a group of scientists measured their heart rate as the rocket exploded off from some sand dunes in eastern Florida. Today's smart phones have more computing power than all of the computers combined that were used to put Neil Armstrong on the moon. Keeping pace with those types of advances in technology can be daunting, but that is what is required of our culture today.