Ohio City Productions

Web Site Consult / Making Your Existing Web Site Better

If you built your web site or had a friend do it for you, and you're not happy with the results you've been getting or the way your site is appearing in the search engines, maybe all your site needs is a little tweaking?

We've been building web sites for years and have picked up quite a bit of specialized information that we've found helpful in developing our professional web sites so they achieve above average results in organic searches.

In situations such as this, there's really no need to take a hammer to something you've already spent time in creating. What you can do is get the benefit of our expertise.

"My friend told me she knew everything about building a web site so I said, Mable, why don't you build me a web site. Now Mable and I aren't speaking and I need some work done (don't we all?). "

For a flat fee we will take an in-depth look at your web site. We'll see how it stands up during an organic search for your key words. We'll take a look at your behind the scenes coding to see if things are are where they should be.

Once we're done, we'll submit a written report to you with suggestions on how to improve your search results with a few tweaks to each page, and in particular your home page. We'll make sure your images are optimized for the internet and give you some suggestions on ways to improve your "alt" tags. We'll also make certain your meta tags are correct for each page, and if they're not, we'll give you the exact tags you'll need for each page.

We'll also make sure your web site is properly formatted for the search engines, and create the proper site maps using the protocols that Google, Yahoo, and Bing want.