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Concierge Marketing on Demand

This is a new service we're introducing. Instead of designing a web site, hosting package, integrating a blog, adding a corporate Facebook account and then trying to juggle all of those balls while running your business, we'll become your marketing partner.

For a flat annual fee, you'll be assigned a marketing counselor that will handle all of your online entities including your web site, domain name, your web site hosting, PLUS, a company blog, an integrated company Facebook account, even a Twitter feed if you like. You'll pay just one annual fee based on the services you'd like us to handle and we'll take it from there. You'll of course have complete say over how your web site looks and the content of the site, plus you'll be able to add whatever you'd like throughout the year.

We will also make sure all of the major authoritative local business indexes and directories are correct and up-to-date with your business name and address.

Concierge Basic

Already have a web site and want to integrate Facebook without all of the hassles? Our Concierge Basic Program could be just what you're looking for.

For a flat annual fee, we'll setup and manage your Facebook page with regular entries that link to your existing web site.

Postings and "likes" will be designed to give your business a positive image in the digital community, without the effort and for a flat fee.


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Web+ Concierge Program

For many small business owners, setting up an online presence is filled with confusing technical terms, details, multiple user names and passwords, and cryptic security warnings. While it is possible to gain the technical knowledge to work through this maze, it can be time consuming and cumbersome. Our Web Plus Concierge Program takes all that hassle out of developing and maintaining your online personality.

Each Web Plus Concierge Program includes:

  • Company Web Site
  • Included Domain Name
  • Web site hosting for the year
  • Search Engine Optimized web site

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Web+ Pro Concierge Program

Your site should be updated regularly to include new content, specials, blog posts, images or whatever makes it fresh and exciting for your customers. But hiring a web designer for each change can get expensive. With Concierge Service you don't have to worry about making small changes to your site to keep it fresh. Just call or email us and we'll take care of the change for you.

Our Web Plus Pro Concierge Program includes everything described plus the following:

  • Integration of a company blog / forum that will feature your companies services and products
  • Includes setting up a sub-domain for your blog

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