Ohio City Productions

Web Basic Concierge Program

Already have a web site and want to integrate Facebook without all of the hassles? Our Concierge Basic Program could be just what you're looking for.

For a flat annual fee, we'll setup and manage your Facebook page with regular entries that link to your existing web site.

Postings and "likes" will be designed to give your business a positive image in the digital community, without the effort and for a flat annual fee.

Each Web BASIC Concierge Program includes:

  • Facebook Account Setup
  • Facebook Management
  • Facebook Integration with your web site
  • 100+ Facebook entries per year

Setting up and managing your Facebook account takes the stress and uncertainty out of your social networking. Although we will make about 100 or so entries per year in your name with articles and links back to your web site, you still have complete say over what is appears on your Facebook page at all times. Our goal is to make sure that no matter your level of involvement, you'll always have fresh, and relevant content on your Facebook page so that visitors will have a reason for visiting and "liking" your pages.

We don't guarantee any number of "likes" and we're not selling "likes!" We're just providing you with a source of related content that appears on your page on a regular basis.

Albert was happy when he found out he didn't have to do the tweet.